Irene Van Dyke

14 12 2008

Irene van Dyk (born June 21, 1972 in Vereeniging, South Africa) is one of the world’s best-known netball players and the most capped player of all time.[1] She formerly captained the South African national netball team, representing them a total of 72 times, but moved to New Zealand in 2000 where she plays for the national team, the Silver Ferns. She became a citizen of New Zealand in 2005. She won the Halberg award as the New Zealand Sportswoman of the Year in 2003 and was again nominated in 2005.[2]

She lives in Wellington, but played for the Waikato Magic in the National Bank Cup, New Zealand’s former domestic netball competition which ended in 2007. She will play for the same team in the 2008 ANZ Championship which replaced the National Bank Cup.

She is a primary school teacher, and has one daughter named Bianca with her husband, Christie.

Irene van Dyk is a Christian and supported the “Lifeathon” fund-raising event for Christian music radio network Life FM.

Win extra time on the computer.. Answer these three questions (using the six thinking men)

1. What is the name of Irene’s biography?

2. Why did Irene & her family come to Aotearoa, NZ?

3. How many shots does Irene do per day?

Bonus maths question: (For a prize) Work out question 3 – How many shots would she do a month, a year, 10 years? 




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