PrEparing for life long learning

22 04 2009

Welcome to our exciting new term with our major focus: PrEP.

PrEP is a successful programme where students learn through the planning and active participation in operating their very own society.

Our very own class members, will have first hand experiences in:

  • Writing letters of application – for jobs
  • creating a business with an employer & employees
  • developing a product that the students can make and sell at market.
  • Researching, promoting and investigating appropriate products, customers need or want.
  • Students will learn through personal experiences why we have certain structures in place and the possibilities if there is a breakdown.

There are many positives for students involved. Students will learn about how to:

  1. Write a CV (curricular vitae)
  2. Apply for specific jobs using their expertise
  3. use, create money through a business
  4. budget for supplies, wages etc
  5. problem solve to improve society or make things fair.

Just to name a few.

This programme covers all aspects of the curriculum, from budgeting using spreadsheets (ICT),GST and adding weekly wages (maths) to technology creating, designing a product that sells.

This is a first for our team and for our school. Watch our journey over term two and onwards to market day.

Week 1 & 2

  • Introduction to PrEP – What is PrEP?
  • Application for jobs – writing a simple CV, getting referees etc
  • Creating a business and the roles needed.

Homework: Currency: Create money for our Kauri Team society e.g. $5.00 note, $10.00 note maybe $1000.00 note etc.. Think about symbols, value, colour. Some research would be valuable for all students. Most importantly the currency type e.g. $ NZ we have dollars.

Examples of our one dollar and two dollars notes that are no longer in circulation.(Coins have replaced them)




One response

30 04 2009

i can’t wait to start PREP this term !
i hope that no problems turn up and i find a great job

maria sao

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