2 05 2009

SPARKLEMOTION – More bang for your BLING!

Calling Jewellery designers out in Kauri land.

We are looking for 6 creative designers to take on a brand new jewellery business.

Are you:

  • A thinker – Can you think outside the box?
  • team player – Can you get along with others?
  • hard working and can work independantly on tasks?
  • Persistent, willing to learn from risktaking?

Please write to: Prep SparkleMotion, R17, Owairaka Primary school.

Please include 3 colour jewellery designs for possible development.



PREP Bankers needed

We are looking for a General manager and teller for our latest Owairaka Bank.

Are you:

  • Good with numbers – adding up money$$$$
  • Able to use spreadsheets to imput data
  • Willingnes to learn new things
  • Organised
  • Honest and trusworthy

Please send your letter of application to: Money Money Money, Room 17, Owairaka Primary school. Include other skills that will aid your chosen position.



Calling all card designers and greeting message writers!

We are on the hunt for 6 exceptional creative minds who like making arts and crafts.

Who love real life, New Zealand themes are what we are focusing on.

Skills needed:

  • some drawing or sketching knowledge
  • art experience
  • willingness to try new things
  • leadership
  • commitment

If this sounds like you, write to: CARDS ‘R’ US, R17, Owairaka Primary school, or email:

Please include 2-3 card designs for developing if you get chosen.



Needed Resource manager and General manager

Two key managers are needed for the recent creation of our school PREP society.

If you are hardworking, sensible, trustworthy citizens and are willing to give up some time to shop for resources, organise price lists, deliver goods to companies. This might be the job for you.

Write to: PREP Warehouse, Rm 17, Owairaka Primary School or email

Jobs are only available to Kauri team citizens.



Photographers with skills needed

We are in need of 8-12 skilled photographers. Do you have an eye for art? Are you a problem solver?

Are you a leader looking for a top end job that will enhance your skills?

Write to: Prep Photographers, R19, Owairaka Primary school, include a photo with people in it – Give three reasons why you like it.


Note to new recruits. All Letters of Application and Curriculum Vitae (CV) must be received by Wednesday 5 May, 2009.

Any received after this date will affect your chances in your job choice.




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