Our Steps towards Employment.

7 05 2009

During the first week of term two, Room 17 and Kauri team have been actively involved in our latest adventure of Prep. Prep is a venture that teaches children about the skills needed when seeking employment.

We were first looked at job vacancies in the Central Leader and the Herald. We looked at the language used and the appropriate skills needed in gaining a position or job.

We learnt about different types of letters, in particular, business letters. We learnt about how a letter is set out and the type of language that is used. We even designed our very own signature when signing our letter off.

Business Letter

112 Home Street,            Senders Address


New Park,5099.

Rich Mann                        Recipients Address

Manager of Bright Sparks

123 Rain Drive,


Puddleton, 3209.

7.8.02                               Date

Dear Sir / Madam,            Salutation

I am writing …                  Body of text

Yours Sincerely,                Complimentary Close

Signature Block

John Mann                        Senders name / Position


Next stage was to draft a letter of application. Many of us struggled, with starting but now are more confident in business letter writing. Mrs Karaka explained, ‘As a class we need to proofread our letters for spelling and informal language – slang, even using everyday language’. This was an area we are still working on.

To make our experience more authentic, we used a job advertisement created by Mr Victor focusing on creating hats. We used the ad as our shared reading for that day. We identified the key words we would use in applying for the vacant positions.

Mrs Karaka was really impressed with or first effort, so she read and posted our very own Room 17 job vacancies for us to apply too.

The Companies needing employees were:

  • Cards ‘R’ Us – A stationary business, that will create cards for any occasion with a cultural flavour.
  • Prep Board games – A board game/ puzzle business – designing and making games for all ages.
  • SparkleMotion – A fabulous jewellery franchise for the high end spender.

Also there are jobs across the Kauri community:

  • 5 Star Media – a collective body of students from the film, photography and writers association.
  • Owai Idols – A performing arts company creating music and dance for all.
  • The Warehouse – our resource company, including delivery service, buying and selling and other company needs.
  • Money Money Money – Our Kauri community bank. Where salary, banking and other monetary transactions are made.
  • Game Maker – A computer game creation store. Creating games for others.

Week one / two: Kauri team students drafted, and wrote letters of application and a Curriculum vitae.

A curriculum vitae is a document that states your skills and experiences related to the job you are applying for. It involves skills that are mentioned in the job advertisement that you have like; punctuality, committed, organised etc.

We were given a deadline to have our letter of application and CVs into the right teacher. Our dealine was Wednesday morning. Currently our teachers are viewing and discussing our job placements. It has been exciting getting ready for our new jobs and starting a new business this coming week.

All the best to all applicants. Remember if you miss out on your first choice you may have to apply again.

Collected thoughts from Room 17




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