PREP DAY 1 – The Organising – The Companies thoughts.

16 05 2009

Hooray, we have just started our first day of Prep. In Room 17 we have 3 main companies called SparkleMotion, Cards’R’Us and Prep Board Games Ltd. Anialla and I are so excited as we got the jobs we first applied for. The job I will be working for is SparkleMotion. It is a jewellery business and today we voted for our boss, her name is Jacqui. Our group chose Jacqui because she always finishes things on time and has some good ideas for what we can make. Daryl who is our designer manager also has some interesting plans for us to develop.

body shots necklace jewels

Now that we the employees have specific jobs, we had to brainstorm what we want to plan, design then finally make. We even had to think about our resources.

Mrs Karaka told us, ‘Remember to take into account what you need the warehouse to buy or you might have a hard time in designing your prototype, when that time comes’. I might have to look that word up.. But I think it is the practice or demo item we make before making lots of jewellery.

A mixture of thoughts from SparkleMotion, R17.

In the beginning of the lesson I was a bit worried as I was the only person in my company, Prep Board Games Ltd. I saw that I wasn’t the only one though. Wendy was the only one from her company, Cards ‘R’ Us, at school so we tried to help each other. Well the brainstorming was quite hard as I just wrote down everything I could think of and so did she. Resources, games I like, everything. A few people in our class were in the dole queue, waiting for employment. Hopefully they get excepted into my business so I can have some help.

Then I heard Mrs Karaka call out, ‘ Thank you Jaden for your well written application, you have been appointed into the Prep Board Games Ltd, company’. But that wasn’t all a couple more were added then we had a group of five. Way better than one. Wendy was happy too, as a couple more employees were added into her group aswell.

It was an interesting first session. I can’t wait until Wednesday – Guess what I’m the boss too.

Jack, company boss for Prep Board Games, Ltd.

I felt a bit sad at first as Catherine hadn’t come to school on Monday. I was the only one there and we were organising jobs, resources and everything. Mrs Karaka put me beside Jack from Prep Board Games, so we could help each other as most of the class were in SparkleMotion or in the jobs or companies out of the class, like the Warehouse, Bank, Owai Idols and 5 Star Media. I really wanted to get the warehouse job but there were too many people applying for the jobs, Mrs Karaka told me there was alot of competition and that I did a good CV (curriculum Vitae) and letter of application, she thought I would be great for Cards ‘R’ Us, so I wrote another letter and here I am.

Hopefully I have some more workers on Wednesday.

Wendy designer, Cards ‘R’ Us, R17.

Cards Greeting Cards images




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16 05 2009

If there are any other thoughts about our first week of Prep you would like to post. Please email to my account:

We want to have more work on our Blog – Send photos, letters and stories to the above email.
Look forward to hearing from you.

21 05 2009

Those cards and jewellery look beautiful,
I’ve got a poem for those beautiful necklaces and bracelets.
Here it comes!

Beautiful necklaces,
shining, beautiful necklaces,
colourful, shining ,beautiful necklaces

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