Spellingcity.com to boost your home practice!

24 05 2009

Kia Ora koutou,

If you haven’t already tried our new widget – SpellingCity.com try it today.

Group spelling lists are ready for you – Wiki 5 / 6 are there. Rua group more words to be added.

How to find spelling words:

1.Click the second tab.

2.Go to search lists.

3.Type in Karaka.

4.Click on Carina Karaka.

5.Click on your list.

Practice, practice, PRACTICE!!!!

You can also type in your own words you would like to learn.

Reminder Tahi, Rua and Toru groups – You must complete, learn all essential lists.

Wha group: Spelling demons are your main learning. But push yourselves!

Good luck and happy spelling.

Mrs Karaka

Spelling Rule: i before e except after c.




3 responses

27 05 2009

It’s great to see what other SpellingCity users are doing! I took a look at your Spelling Demons list. I see why you call them that. LOL! My own kids like the audio word match best.

29 05 2009

Where do you find the audio word match? Is it one of the activities? I’m new to the SpellingCity.com widget.

29 05 2009

Have a go at these: Spelling rule – i before e except after c – or if it has an a sound like in neighbour.
Good luck!

Add ie or ei to complete each word.

1. f____rce 2. s____ge 3. bel____ve

4. rec____pt 5. conc____t 6. dec____ve

7. n____ghbor 8. c____ling 9. for____gn

10. rel____f 11. w____rd 12. v____n

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