A Prep up-date.. All hands on deck.

27 05 2009

Week 3 is complete. The Room 17 companies are underway, designing and creating their first prototype.

Well they attempted to buy the materials they needed from the Owairaka Warehouse, however, more initial planning was needed to ensure they got what they needed to start.

Some of the local bosses are scratching their heads as to how the problem can be resolved. Our problem is that we don’t have any completed prototypes.

Possible ideas:

  • longer hours?
  • a deduction in pay? (not enough work completed)
  • bonuses to those who have worked hard?

Do you have any answers as to how we can get the workers on board?

Do you want more resources? Have your say? What do you think about Prep so far?




One response

27 05 2009

SparkleMotion need string and clasps.

Cards ‘r’ us! need double-sided tape, watercolour colouring pencils/ add water.

What else????

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