Talofalava and Welcome to our Samoan Week.

27 05 2009


This is a great time to start learning some basic Samoan words in the classroom.

Room 17 has jumped on board with the learning of Samoan as apart of supporting our

Samoan students during Samoan week.

We are learning how to say  Talofalava or hello, and the days of the week.

O le aso Lulu. Today is Wednesday.

Here are all the days of the week for you to learn;

ASO GAFUA, n. Monday.

ASO LUA, n. Tuesday.

ASO LULU, n. Wednesday.

ASO TOFI, n. Thursday.

ASO FALAILE, n. Friday.

ASO TOONAI, n. Saturday.

ASO SA, n. the Sabbath Day. or Aso Sa. Sunday

Our class is lucky enough to have many expert Samoan speakers and I (Mrs Karaka)

thanks them all for their on going support in the learning and teaching of Samoan in Room 17.

If you want to learn some more words go to this Samoan Dictionary.

Our next learning is how to introduce ourselves,  learning the numbers and the

names of shapes.

sa2 sa2




3 responses

29 05 2009
Sumayya Marjan

It’s me, I mean me, SUMAYYA!
I am enjoying Samoan week. Hey, and I went on our spelling programme on our class blog. IT WAS AMAZING! I LOVED IT. It kept me engaged.
I’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

1 06 2009

Kia ora Sumayya,
I’m so glad you are utilising the spellingcity.com programme to improve. I have noticed already that from your practice at home, you are more confident and able in spelling. Kepp up the great work. Mum & Dad should be proud of you.

See you on Tuesday.

Mrs Karaka

1 06 2009

Remember to try the Spelling demons – If you can learn these, then spelling will be alot easier. Good luck!

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