Nga Ahuatanga – Shapes of Taonga

30 05 2009

Nga Taonga Tuku Iho

Ponga koru

Koru – new beginning, new life

Over the next couple of weeks , Room 17 will be learning about Nga taonga o nga Maori. Taonga means treasures. We will be learning about the different types of materials Maori used in creating these beautiful art works. Maori found art in their surroundings, flora & fauna etc..

As a focus for art, we will create our own art piece to be shown at the school Art exhibition in term 3.

Here are some various types of materials used today;

manaia2 Hei matau twist1

1.Mother of Pearl         2. Bone                   3. bone & paua

Start thinking about a possible design for you to make. Remember not too make your designs too detailed as the material we are using breaks easily.

Think about the meaning of your taonga/ special treasure. You may need to research a little before designing.

Search using the following key words; whakairo, pounamu designs, Maori art.

Bring your ideas for Wednesday morning’s brainstorm.

Our mini inquiry is ‘What is the purpose of marae? What is Maori art & it’s meaning?’

Have you got any ideas? Start blogging now!




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