Our Samoan Week has come to an end…

30 05 2009

This doesn’t mean our learning about Samoa has to end.


Create sentences by filling in the blank with different vocabulary words.

Samoa Palagi
‘O fea lou isu? Where is your nose?
‘O fea ou mata? Where are your eyes?
‘O fea lou______? Where is your ____?
‘O fea ou______? Where are your ____?

Practice this with a peer or Mum/ Dad.



2. Tālofa lava.


1.Fa’a pe fea mai ‘oe?

How are you?

2.Manuia lava fa’afetai. ‘Ae ā ‘oe?

Very well, thank you. And you?

1.Manuia fo’i .

I am well too.

2. Ia lelei.

Well good.

1.Tōfā soifua

Goodbye and be well.

2. Tōfā.


Siapo design




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