Nga Kupu o te Ra – Words of the day

4 06 2009

wharenui: meeting house


Te ātaahua hoki o tō tātou wharenui!
Our meeting house is extremely beautiful!

1.What are the closest marae to our school?

2.What is the name of the marae Kauri team is visiting on June 26th?

3. Where is it found/it’s address?

Vocab for Te Whare Whakairo or Wharenui

Amo: Carved posts supporting maihi. Symbolically, the connection between Ranginui, the sky father, and Papatūānuku, the earth mother.

Heke: Rafters. Symbollically, ribs.

Hono: Connect.

Kanohi: Face.

Kōrupe (also Pare): Carved lintel of doorway.

Koruru: Face of the ancestor. At the top of the maihi, below the tekoteko.

Kuaha: Carved doorway.

Mahau: Porch.

Maihi: Bargeboards, symbolically the arms of the ancestor.

Paepae: Board across the front of the house.

Poupou: Side posts. Symbolically these are various important ancestors.

Raparapa: End of the bargeboards, symbolically the hands and lower arms of the ancestor.

Tahu (also Tahuhu): Ridge of house. Symbolically, the backbone.

Tekoteko: Guardian figure which stands at the top of the house, above the koruru.

Waewae: Side pillars of doorway.

Whare Whakairo: Carved house.

tekoteko: carved figure at the apex of the meeting house


Ko te tekoteko te whakairo kei te tāuru o te wharenui.
The tekoteko is the carving at the top of the meeting house.

Now you have all the labels for a Wharenui – Draw and label your own to learn.




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