Mau rakau – Let’s get fit!

16 06 2009

Mau rakau is a combination of stick activities that are used

to develop hand to eye coordination. It was traditionally,

the learning about sacred Maori taonga in particular,

weapons such as taiaha, patu and mere.

maurakau taonga korowai & taiaha

Hoani Waititi marae has maurakau classes, every Thursdays.

Classes are open to all starting age limit of 12yrs apply.

It is a great way to get fit, and learn Te Reo Maori at the same time.

Instructions are given in Maori – which you will pick up as time progresses. I (Mrs Karaka) was in that position, but now with time have learnt many stances, blocks(karo) and hits (paoa). it has also been great for my fitness and health.

So make sure to try some during our trip next week.





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20 06 2009

Hi everyone
I can’t wait until we go to the HOANI WAITITI MARAE TRIP !I know its going to be really fun and I hope that everyone from our class gets to go -because its going to be a cool experience for us{kauri team/everyone}to learn more about another topic for this term!!!
o well thats all from me


6 09 2010
Denise Grace

Tena koe

We are located in Taumarunui Hinengakau Maatu Whangai, our health program
provides low impact classes for kaumatua, healthy cooking, mau rakau would be healthy and healing for the body most of our clients suffer with cardio and diabetes if we could run a course (maurakau) all our kaumatua would have the benefit of a healthy lifestyle and the wealth of traditional maori learning please email me……for more infomatio on what you have to offer.

Hei kona ra!

Denise Grace

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