PREP – What’s happening in your company?

24 06 2009

Today a designer from SPARKLEMOTION is here to talk about her job and what the company has been doing.

Interview with Mayflower.

Mrs K: Mayflower, what is your job at SPARKLEMOTION?

Mayflower: My job is to design and make necklaces and bracelets to sell at Market day.

Mrs K:When is Markey Day?

Our market Day is on Tuesday 30th of June. The time is yet to be confirmed.

What have your learnt from PREP?

I have learnt about how to make necklaces. I have learnt about working with my group, designing and making our products to sell. I learnt about making a CV to get a job.

Mrs K: What was the best thing about doing PREP?

I really enjoyed drawing different necklaces.

Thank you very much Mayflower and all the best for Market Day.

Prep 015 

Some of the other Room 17 businesses are; Prep Board games and Cards R us!




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