Preparing for market.

29 06 2009

Prep 014

Over the past term, Room 17 and Kauri team have built up enterprises or businesses that will sell a product in tomorrows, ‘Market day’ Tuesday 30 June, 2009.

Prep 002

So if your interested in buying board games for during wet weather in class, sparkling necklaces, groovy CDs and tunes. Drop into the Owairaka Hall during 11.30 – 12.30 tomorrow to see what bargains you can find.

Notices to Kauri businesses: During first block – 10.15 onwards Year 5s will proceed to set up the hall/ if not available during break time.

Year 6 students have a visitor from Kowhai Intermediate School from 10.15 onwards.

Prep 013  Prep 058 

Some pictures of our hardworking student in Kauri team, during different Prep sessions.

Please leave a comment about your Prep experiences.




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