Where did you spend your holidays?

8 07 2009

Mrs Karaka took a four-hour trip to see her new baby niece ,born in Whakatane, her name is Kylah Rangiahua Lynnette Houia.


This is a day old picture. A healthy baby girl, weighing 10pounds 7 ounces.

Can anyone work out how heavy she was in Kgs?

My next adventure begins this Saturday 11 July, Mr Karaka and I are off to Te Tairawhiti, the East coast. To a week of Te Reo Maori. I’ll let you know how it goes.. (The East Coast of the North Island between Opotiki and Gisborne.)

East coast  Aotearoa

The marae we will be having our noho at is called Tinatoka, in Ruatoria.

Now let me know where you spent your holidays, or what you did over the holidays.

Send stories, pictures etc to my email at school.

P.S. have a safe holiday time with your family and I’ll see you all bright and early in Term 3.

Signing off,

Mrs Karaka




4 responses

5 08 2009

In the holidays, I spent my time going to the movies. I watched Hannah Montana the Movie. It was interesting. We ate popcorn. we sang when hannah montana was singing, Her song was zig zag.

28 08 2009

maybe you can sing her song to the class??

Do you recommend everyone should see her movie?

28 08 2009

Hi everyone,
Had a blank after the holidays. My trip to Tinatoka was awesome. At first, I was pretty nervous as the whole week, we were informed about was to be ‘Te Reo only’. Meaning we had to speak only in Te Reo Maori. If not, or caught speaking Te Reo we had a fine of singing a song on the spot to the class. We quickly learnt that we were only going to speak Te Reo – plus it was a great way to practice what we knew.

I know some Te Reo and I have also been getting extra lesson through Te Ataarangi – a wonderful part time course over in North Shore – Taipari.

It has been the quickest Te Reo learning for me, it is hands on and the lesson are both challenging and satisfying. This learning also help at the Te Reo immersion week at Tinatoka.

As you know we have been learning some of the new knowledge during this term.
What do you guys think about using the rakau/ blocks now?
It is different, I know but your learning has improved alot since the biginning of the year.

Kia kaha koutou i te ako i te reo Maori.


28 08 2009

Still waiting for the rest of you. What did you do in your leisure time , during the recent holidays?

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