The Human Ear

8 08 2009

During last week Piwaiwaka and Ruru reading groups created some questions we would like to inquire about the human ear.

We know that it is the part of our body the helps us to hear each other. The ear is very delicate and can damaged. Also some people have different hearing abilities; including some people who are deaf.

Mrs Karaka told us that we are all unique and even our ears are different to our friends. She also said it would be very boring if we all had the same ears. Big, small, large, or even tiny ears are all special.

This is an ear.


It is made up of many parts. There are three areas to be exact. The outer ear (or pinna) seen in the picture above, the middle ear where we find the smallest bone in our body and the inner ear.

Here are some of the words we know:

ear                                    earwax                       hearing                            ear plug                         sound                         listening

heard                               listen                          earring                             ears                                noise                           deaf

deafness                        hearing aid                 sign language              signing                           damaged

We looked at the pictures below and are learning some of the proper names for the human ear.

tiny bones of the ear external ear ear diagram

Questions we want to find out;

1. What are names of the parts of the ear?

2. How many bones are inside the ear?

3. What is deafness? How is it caused?

4. How do we hear?

5. What causes us to hear?

6. What is earwax and how is it created?

7.Who invented the first hearing aid and when?

8. What are sound waves?

9. How can you measure sound?

10. How do hearing aids help people to hear again?

If you know any answers please – Blog your thoughts, knowledge and ideas to help us solve our inquiry… How do we hear?




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