Life Education – The Body Journey

9 08 2009

Room 17 had their first ‘Body Journey’ experience, last Thursday, the 6th August. Our focus for the session was looking at different body systems, in particularly, the digestive system.

Some of our thoughts…

I never knew we had so many different body systems.      Maria

The digestive system is made up of many organs; including the stomach, large and small intestines and oesophogus to name a few.       David

There are 12 different body systems. WOW!                     Jaden

The nervous system is pretty cool – We played a game where we pretended to be the body – Ella-Jo being the brain, someone else being the injury and the rest of us including Mrs Karaka were the neurons or transmitters. At first our time was quite slow and then we got our time down to 7 secs. I still think we could go faster.                                                                    Waitama

It was great introduction to an amazing topic. Room 17 really got engaged in the lesson and came away with loads of facts and questions. We were able to briefly cover 4 systems; the digestive system, the nervous system, circulatory system and the respiratory system. Our body is a trully amazing vessel.              Mrs Karaka

Remember your homework – List and learn the 12 body systems for Wednesday’s lesson.

Also Tui/Kiwi – create a fact file for the human eye

Piwaiwaka/Ruru – create either a crossword or wordfind for the human ear.





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