MATHS WEEK begins tomorrow!!!!

9 08 2009

Week 4 of term 3 is MATHS WEEK – make sure you involve yourself in as many activities during the week.

As a fun incentive, most of our class have been registered for Maths Week. Go to the website below to win cool prizes and Maths dollars for the auction..

Mathematics is all around us – during budgeting, shopping, travelling and many other facets.

Calculate how long it takes you to get to school each day for the week.

Lets graph our findings on Friday –

Take photos that show different aspects of Maths… Best photo wins a prize on Friday.. You can email your pictures to

Open to all Kauri team students.

symbols              Maths teacher

Create a Maths Quiz for Friday – Prizes wll be supplied.

Question:  What origin does the word mathematics come from?

First right answer 30 minutes – on Maths site.




One response

10 08 2009

I can’t believe that its MATHS WEEK !I hope that I get to go on to the new MATHS WEEK website and have fun with maths!!!!O well I have to go and do my Homework
SEE YA !!!!

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