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15 08 2009

I hope everyone has enjoyed the fabulous lessons our classes at Owairaka have had over the last two weeks. In Room 17 we have been focusing on 4 main body systems; the respiratory system, the nervous system, the circulatory system and the digestive system.

Here are some pictures:

digestive_system_diagram        circulatory respiratory   nervous system 

More activities go to ; to complete a quiz on the body.

Find out the main body parts for each system –

In class, we have started a daily food diary – we will log in what we eat during the day to predict an outcome for our day ahead. This will be a two week trial. Hopefully, the days when we eat a good breakfast and lunch will give us a good , learning day.

This topic also links into ‘Keeping Ourselves Safe’. This is a health programme that looks at the body, keeping yourself safe, keeping others safe and stranger danger.

Remember a healthy body likes to eat healthy food – What goes in affects your learning good or bad!

See you on Monday morning.

Mrs Karaka




One response

28 08 2009

Who can name all the organs in the ‘digestive system’?

1/2 an hour computer time for the correct answer.

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