Spelling needs a lift in Room 17!

15 08 2009

Over the past two weeks, I have noticed a group of children’s level of spelling decresing. There is two reasons for this; 1. the list of words you are getting are too hard or 2. you are not testing and practising every night.

So we must get onto this before our levels really get down. Once again, we are going to use the fabulous ‘SpellingCity.com site to help us with our spelling. There is a range of games and practice activities for all. You can type in your own list or use the lists I have supplied.

MONDAY: SAST spelling test  –  This to check your current level then we will build on what you already have.

TUESDAY: new lists & groupings from test results.

Week 7 – Time to buckle down & practice our words.

DSC01244  Wairaka at Sunset By Mrs Karaka

This week our spelling list is specifically looking at: Art appreciation.

Use the fabulous SpellingCity.com to practice and improve your word knowledge.

Focus: have look for New Zealand artists such as Graeme Sydney, Dean Buchanan, Rita Angus, Dick Frizzel etc…

*Landscape or perspective

What is the artwork trying to tell you?

What thoughts or feelings does it provoke?

Why has the artist used a particular type of material?

Investigate: Do all artworks create discussion? Why?

                          Why is there a need for art?

DSC01248 Mt Roskill by Mrs Karaka




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28 08 2009


Who painted ‘Starry night’ and in what year?

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