Speaking Out – Kauri Team Speech Finals

4 09 2009

Kauri Team Speeches –


Our peers stepped up again with their amazing speeches  last Tuesday, 25th August. We were ushered into our school hall, straight after first break. You could feel the nerves building, as we all arrived.

Our special,  guest judges for the fifteen speakers were Mrs Cramer and Mrs Kapisi. They found the quality of the speeches to be extremely high and made selecting the winners even harder.

We had five representatives from Room 17: Sumayya – Healthy Eating, Jax – Samoan Tattoo, David – Family Problems, Catherine – My family and my topic on School Ambassadors.

The whole experience was both nerve wracking and invigorating. Our class teachers from Kauri team were so proud of all the speakers. ‘Even the audience was excellent’, called Mrs Karaka. I could tell by the way she spoke to the team, that she was really proud of our class, and all the speakers.

To make it even better our class had two people in the top three, myself and David.

Order of winners: First place – Paddy Room 20, second place – David Room 17 and third place is me. I was so happy to hear David was second, he delivered his speech with humour . I was really  surprised when the judges revealed I had come third, as I felt I mumbled some of my speech and was too quick.

Anyone could have placed as all th speeches were really good, no excellent!

So to all those year 5s and year 4s coming into the Kauri team, start thinking about your topic now.

DSC00457 DSC00445 DSC00460 DSC00451

What role are you going to play as a leader in future?

By Maria Sao




One response

17 09 2009

Hi everyone! I was so scared and nervous when I getting ready to say my speech! Luckly, my chills cooled off when I started my speech. Ihad HEAPS of FUN!!!!!:)

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