More Hoani Waititi Experiences…

14 09 2009

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As we were walking towards the gate my bright eyes were glued on the beautiful patterns and carved faces, until I heard a loud voice calling, “Haere mai, haere mai, haere mai raaaa.”

I look towards the front there was a young lady calling from the beautiful wharenui. Mrs Karaka replied, “Karanga mai, karanga mai, karanga mai ra'”. As I listened to Mrs Karaka calling, her voice sounded like a hurt fox, crying.

As we drew closer to the amazing marae, the Kura Rea, children began to sing proudly, “Aha Toia mai”, and I began to sing along too.

Finally, we arrived inside the flash marae, we quickly sat down. Then the tangata whenua began with a long karakia, as Mr Sharples was speaking I could hear strong drops of rain splashing against the roof. I thought to myself, “It’s lucky we aren’t still outside, we’d be drenched”. After he had prayed the male adults had turns saying whaikorero. After Mr Waller had reply, our Kauri & some Puriri members stood and proudly sang, “E toru nga mea”…

When our beautiful sining was complete, all the adults including the helpers got up and demonstrated the Maori greeting of pressing noses and shaking hands, which are called the hongi and hariru, then it was time for a quick snack before our first activity.

I hope to take my family with me next time and show them the native plants we helped plant in their new rongoa garden. I so glad I was able to be apart of this wonderful experience.

                                                                       Na David


My favourite activity during the Hoani Waititi Marae trip was planting the Rongoa garden. My buddy was Jax. We both put our green gloves on. The green gloves we got from a container were new. Some people got old ones.

The man in charged showed us how to dig and plant a native tree the right way. First, he moved the small plant to one side, then dug a hole a little bit bigger and a little bit deeper than the size of the plant.

 Marae Trip 2009 056Marae Trip 2009 058

Measuring the ground.        Gently push down the soil to secure the plant.

I learnt that you need to massage the plant inside the plastic bag to stimulate the roots, so they will grow in the new soil. We cut a hole in the ground with a spade. We had to push down with our weight. We kept digging until our plant could fit.

It was pretty hard work. Our pair planted at least four new plants. it was really fun. I had an awesome day at Hoani Waititi Marae.

Marae Trip 2009 050

By George




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