New Te Reo Maori teaching style at Owairaka

19 09 2009


The children in both the Whanau class on Thursdays and Room 17 have been using ‘rakau’ or cuisenaire rods to assist in the learning of Te Reo Maori this term.

Children are invloved in creating simple sentences from reading pictures. The above picture is of a more in-depth example of a karakia, which was apart of my, Mrs Karaka’s, weekly course of study, under Te Ataarangi at Taipari on the North Shore.

We are currently learning:        kei te haere au ki  te     kura.

Now     verb    pronoun         wahi/place

I      am    going     to    school.

Some verbs to add/change:     hikoi – walk                  oma – run             tuhi – write           waiata  –  sing

korero – talk                 takaro – play       kai – eat                 kanikani – dance

How many new sentences can you make using these different places/wahi?

beach home playground church

one-beach                         kainga – home          papa takaro – playground    whare karakia – church

Kei te haere koe ki hea?                                 (Where did you going?)

Kei te haere au ki te _____________.    (I am going to the ____________.)

We will be trialling the new Te Reo resource in classes next term.

Ponga koruPonga koruPonga koruPonga koru




One response

3 10 2009

Our focus for Te Reo in Kauri Team is learning about Myths & legends from Aotearoa & beyond. week 1-5
For the remainder of our term we will look at Te Kura – School.. creating korero/talk about what we do at school? How we go to school? WHo is going to school?…

Remember to ask about myths & legends from your culture, religions and family.

Remember to learn your lines for the plays – think about props, costumes, music to enhance the performances for the little children.

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