Kids4Drama Take Over Owairaka.

16 10 2009

Te Reo Day Oct 16 089 Te Reo Day Oct 16 091 Te Reo Day Oct 16 101

Kids4Drama is a drama production that has been together for about 6 years. Room 16 and Room 17 session started with a play about family violence. In the arcade, “The Family Game – was the hardest game to win. You never end up at the same place. ” There were three experts or arcade masters who wanted to clock this game and receive a badge but it  wasn’t that easy.

The Video game – A setting, with different characters with different items…like a April – a little hand bag, a necktie for Michael, a scarf for Nicky, black glasses for  Tony – real Dad, Helen -Mum had a cardigan and Bernie had a beanie.

Throughout the workshop we went through different levels gaining points and secret passwords.

We learnt about breaking the cycle of physical abuse, creating resolutions for the problems that arose and we even got to have loads of fun too.

The Kids4Drama actors performed different scenes from ‘the game’. Even our teachers got to join in once we had returned to our classes. Some of the activities involved thinking groups, hot seating – rewind, mega rewind, truth buttons and even freeze frames.

Our thoughts on the workshops..

“It is better than a video game because your in it!’  By Tommy

“It was fun! By Jack

‘It was exciting because you have to get in character’. By Monty

‘It was hard, but I enjoyed every bit of it’.  By Waitama

A fantastic, hands on experience that engaged all students and the teachers into the world of drama and storytelling. We really appreciated the effort and energy the team projected throughout the sessions. I believe it is a vessel for promoting physical safety and awareness of family violence. Also that our children have the right to be safe!

STAGE COMPLETED. All of us were rewarded with ‘Hui Tahi, Tupu Tahi’ Games Master badges, we also learnt the secret hand shake too.

Mrs Karaka.

Te Reo Day Oct 16 121 Te Reo Day Oct 16 110 Te Reo Day Oct 16 111




7 responses

16 10 2009

Yes! Misson completed. I’m a games champ and finally got the badge. I really enjoyed the Kids4Drama crew.
I didn’t HIT my friend, in the picture. For real!

23 10 2009
Sumayya Marjan

Hi all,

I really enjoyed the kids4drama performance/show.
The people from the crew were great actors.
It was also a very challenging programme.
It was an awesome experience for both us the kids and Mrs Karaka and Mr Green.

What a great term so far!

2 12 2009
joanna pakalapaty


2 12 2009

What was your favourite part? And Why?

9 12 2009
joanna pakalapaty

well i actually liked the whole amm… show it was fun hope they come to the school again

12 12 2009

yea same here

12 12 2009

kids4drama was so awsome

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