Owairaka Runs The Holes At Grey Lynn Park.

24 10 2009

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UNIFORMS – Check!     FIRST AID – Check!    TEAMS READY – Double Check!

Under the close watch of Mrs Karaka and Whaea Judy, Owairaka A and B touch teams emerged on the vast fields at Grey Lynn Park, for the Eden/Albert Touch Tournament.

Five, fifteen minute touch games stretched the defence, skills and patience of the players and coaches. There was some brilliant ball skills and assisting from both Prigette H (A)and Tevita(B) (Room 16 students) resulting in many successful tries for both of our Owairaka teams. (Players of the day) Also a huge shout out to Andrew who dazzled the other teams with his run-away tries and bullet-speed touches also at times his cheeky antics on the field.


Jasiah and Jax set up for dummy half, with Celia waiting in the wings.

Owairaka A’s and Bs days proceedings: Scoring 5= Win     3 = Draw        0 = Loss

9.40-10.00am Owairaka Aversus Mt Eden A

Owairaka A took the field with alot of nerves floating about. They started well with Hunaara and Davin taking control of the team strategies and subbing. A well played game, resulting in a 2 all draw.

10-10.20am Owairaka B versus Dominion Rd B

The B team worked well as a team to maintain possession of the ball, using all players to benefit the team. The combination of David, Andrew, Tevita and Holyfield was a force to be reckoned with. Our girl’s too, shone with their quick ball handling and running of the holes. This first game resulting in a win, 5 – 0.

10.40-11.00 am Owairaka A  versus OLSH A

With the knowledge of the previous game, Owairaka came out fighting and with a strong lead of 2 points taking this game as a win. Hunaara, Prigette and Davin being the main game players. (5-2)

11.00-11.20am Owairaka B versus Good Shepherd B

“Body on the line”, B team was everywhere. Defending, intercepting and counterattacking everything Good Shepherd B had to offer. They tried their best, but Owairaka overwhelmed their opponents with a 3-1 win. Anialla and the girls making some lucky touches preventing a possible draw.

11.40-12pm Owairaka A versus Good Shepherd A

Pekarau, Celia and the boys made some excellent ground during this exciting game of ‘cat and mouse’. There were so many touches, hand overs. But Owairaka shone again, winning victoriously by 4-0.


Prigette and Jamaine come quickly to support Pekarau.

12.00-12.20am Owairaka B versus Gladestone B

This third game was intense. It could have gone either way. Owairaka had to maintain possession to obtain the win, but it was not to be. Gladestone had alot of talent within their team of 12, one particular girl who shone, making huge yards and important touches keeping Owairaka from the win. The end score was a draw, 2 all. A well played game for both sides.

12.40-1.00pm Owairaka A versus Kohia A

A real nail-biter, Kohia broke away with a 1-0 lead at half time. Owairaka had to buckle down to stay in the game. They replied with a single try, which was followed up by a final try by the awesome opposition. We went down fighting, resulting in a 2-1 loss.

1.00-1.20 Owairaka B versus Kohia B

With the loss of Owairaka A in their mind, Owairaka B took to the field with their mind set on winning against Kohia. Tevita made his mark with a hat trick – 3 tries. Andrew, David and Waitama also scoring. To take the overpowering win of 7-0. An outstanding team effort which demonstrated the need for team work, persistence and support.

1.40-2pm Owairaka A versus Maungawhau A (final game)

Owairaka started strong but the loss in the fourth game took it’s toll. The once determined team was beginning to struggle in the defence. Maungawhau stood their ground scoring 2 consecutive  tries. Owairaka regrouped and maintained a strong defensive line, our girl’s were tired, resulting in another try to Maungawhau, 3-0 but Owairaka stuck to their guns to come back with a runaway and quick try to keep the win within their reach. Tried bodies and some simple mistakes resulted in two more unexplained tries for Maungawhau. Owairaka gave it all the had to scrape up another try just on the bell. End score 5-3 to Maungawhau.

Even though it resulted in a loss our team stuck it out to the end, never giving up.

2.00-2.20pm Owairaka B versus Hebron

Our final game was exciting. All players got in and exposed the weak spots of Hebron’s defense resulting in 5 tries for Owairaka and 1 try for Hebron to conclude our competition.

Coach’s thoughts:

I’m so proud of the skills, behaviour and typical Owairaka ‘You Can Do It!’ attitude that show through all the games. When the chips were down Owairaka dug deep but they also learnt to be good winners too. A fantastic day were we all had fun and shared our skills as touch players.

To the players keep up your fitness, get involved in a sports team out of school. As touch is a fabulous sport for speed, accuracy and moving in space.

Year 5 players get yourselves ready for 2010. let’s bring that trophy home to Owairaka.

Competition Winners:

A grade: Maungawhau A

Owairaka A came in 4th place

B grade: Mt Eden B

Owairaka B 2nd Place.

Benjitouch touch ball1

Benji Marshall played touch in Aotearoa – Now he’s an international league player!

“Maku e mahi, mau e mahi, tatou katoa ka whiwhi i te matauranga teitei.” I can do it, you can do it and together we can achieve our goals.

Owairaka School Motto




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