Bugs, slime and all things good!

10 11 2009

Science Fair 008

In term 4, Room 17 have begun a investigation about ‘Minibeasts’.

The reason we are looking into this topic is to help our buddies in Room 11 who are doing this as a topic.

We want to find out facts and information to help their learning.

Praying mantis cicada bugs

We are looking more closely at ‘insects’. These are our collective thoughts:

Insects are a living creatures, that have three main body parts; the head (upoko/mahunga), the abdomen ( tinana) and the thorax (hoopara).

Insects are classified as having six legs. They can crawl, jump, scuttle, fly or a mixture of them all.

Some of the insects we know are:




Different beetles

Praying mantis

Praying Mantis

In the next couple of weeks, we will be studying an ‘interest insect’ an insect of our own choice. This will be published as a poster or dust jacket cover.

Things to include:

1. A title – the name of the bug or insect.

2. A sketch or picture of chosen insect.

3. A description about the insect. What it looks like? What it eats? Where it lives? Special features? How it moves?

4. 5 fantastic facts.

A4 sized paper – Be creative!




One response

13 11 2009


i’ve been researching on my my insect and i’ve got lots of imformation

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