Room 17’s Great Bug Hunt!

30 11 2009

Praying mantis cicada  DSC00516 

Why bugs?

It all started when we learnt that Room 11 was learning about bugs.  Jaden

Room 17’s thoughts on their bug hunting adventure:

Shona: ‘It was the smallest baby worm I’d ever seen’.

George: ‘The caterpillar peed on me!’

Tommy: ‘No way I’m going to look at spider – They creep me out, lucky we only looked at insects’.

Aliff: ‘An insect hunt? Just like a scavenger hunt – But better!’

Jack: ‘The first thing we found was the caterpillar – it was also the easiet thing to find’.

Kayse: I saw the scariest thing – A dead bee!

Jamaine: ‘We found a dead bee, that’s kind of weird’.

Te Rina: ‘My experience of catching bugs was very hard!’

David: ‘It was soooooo fat, that caterpillar, it could hardly fit in the 3D viewer’.

Waitama: ‘Sumayya screamed on the top of her lungs – My ears were sore’.

Pekarau: ‘I was so good I found three ladybirds’.

Jax: ‘It was fun tricking Mrs Karaka, I asked her to have a look at the  mysterious bug – But it was only the bottom of the 3D viewer.

Daryl: ‘It all started off with a silly scared moment – looking at a caterpillar!

Sacdia: ‘Wow! The caterpillar is turning into a chrysalis’.

Monty: ‘I could feel the fat caterpillar moving around in my hand like honey landing on soft, slice of bread.

Wendy: ‘In a school, searching for insects like we’re in a deep dark forest’.

Mayflower: ‘Today we looked for insects!’

Anialla: ‘Today we get to eat the bugs… I mean find the bugs!’

Sumayya: I let out a shriek, “Ahhhhhh! as if I was a scaredy cat – In fact I am one!’

We have really enjoyed the mini unit on bugs and are currently doing mini projects on a particular insect.

Now use the Alphabet key to name all the insects you can think of…

A for Ant              B for bumblebee…




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