Room 17 take the plunge at Henderson Wave Pools.

1 12 2009

During week 8, Kauri team converged on the Henderson Wave Pools,  Rooms 16 and 20 on Monday 23rd November and Rooms 17 and  19 on Tuesday 24th November for a deep water experience.

Classes were divided into two groups, one class for the session with instructors while the second class checked out the local park and surroundings. Room 19 was first to experience the water activities that followed.

The Deep Water experiences unfolded: The plunge, children each protected by a life jacket, dropped into the deep end of the wave pool. Children had mixed feelings moving towards the end of the pool side.

West Wave Leap of Faith     By Shona F

It’s my turn to jump off the high wall. “It might be painful”, I thought to myself. My heart was pounded like a drum in my ears. Nevertheless, I jumped falling into the deep water. It felt like standing at the top of a high cliff looking down into the Grand Canyon.

It was both scary and exciting all at the same time. I was terrified!

The Great Drop                       By Monty F

I was first up. I moved slowly towards the edge of the wall. With every step my heart raced faster and faster. The instructor told us to put our right leg in front of us before we jumped. I finally decided to jump, I jumped into the fresh air, landing into the deep, blue water. My clean feet touched the clear water first, I quickly shut my eyes before the water got inside. When my whole body was immersed I was able to touch the bottom. Once touching the bottom I quickly ascended to the top again with the help of my trusty life jacket.

Room 17s collective thoughts:

We learnt how to huddle together if we fell out of a boat, also how to look after little people by putting them in the middle on our legs. The skills we learnt were very useful and we hope to use them in time, if need be.




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2 12 2009
joanna pakalapaty

hi Mrs.karaka amm… its me joanna u still did not put the prep things on the page yea hope u put them on the blog site waiting for that



2 12 2009

I haven’t had any time yet! I try to do it tonight!!! Give me a break Joanna. LOL

7 11 2010

Hey Mrs Karaka!
My minister said “yes” to fundraise to help us………….
but he will come and talk to you about it………….k….good
cant wait… ….bye lv Shona

8 12 2010

I bet thys yrs water experience was betta than that! 🙂 jus kidding

8 12 2010

Hi guys

I miss you all. I want to stay there and have fun with u guys but i cant come back. I hope u guys have a good time

8 12 2010

We miss you too Aliff. Keep in contact with us. I hope you got your books! I sent them last week.

We are just creating four versions of ‘Maui & the Sun’.
Everyone says, HELLO, KIA ORA, TALOFA, MALO, SALAM, to you!
Hear from you soon.

14 12 2010

hi aliff good luck for intermediate all the best

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