SUCCESS! Our Prep Market brings in $$$

14 12 2009

A huge thank you to all those whanau, friends and community visitors for supporting our wonderful ‘PREP MARKET DAY”.

A special thank you to Labour MP Mr David Shearer for his visit and for purchasing goods for his overseas relatives.  Nga mihi –

Our class has written a series of ‘Senses poems’ to help explain our Prep Market Day!


Different colours all around me. A market of colour, rainbow colours.

Tasty hamburgers and delicious waffles, cooking for the multitudes.

One cheerful seller yells, ‘Come and play our awesome games, three throws for $2. Try and WIN your money back.’

A bunch of people like bunches of grapes, sprouting up everywhere, not even in lines as they wait for their scrumptious food.

An electric pulse going up and down my spine saying, ‘Buy this! No buy that!’

Juicy, maple syrup drenched waffles, sliding down my throat – Devine!

Na Jacquiline M Y6

Black burnt sausages for us to buy…. YUCK!

Ice blocks screaming, ‘Don’t eat me, Please!’

Greedy people running around like there’s ants in their pants, trying to purchase everything in the wonderful Year five stalls.

Me, enjoying squeezing and throwing soggy, wet sponges at my friends for prizes.

I could taste my dribble nearly  touching the ground, as I looked to the delicious foods being hold. I had no money so that is all I tasted.

Na David Siu            Year 6  2009.

We made $1300.00 dollars in total to go towards our camp fees. CONGRATULATIONS KAURI TEAM YEAR FIVES!

Start thinking about ideas for Term 1 – PREP.. Another term, another Prep Market day.

More poetry and Prep market stories for you to enjoy..

It all started when our Prep market day came up. I could see too many things. My favourite memory was from the ‘Sponge Throw’ game. I asked to be in the box, then people threw the sponges at me and I got wet, it was so much fun.

It was so fun I stayed there for most of the day helping out the stall workers.

Muse’s Prep Market Day

Different kinds of colours like a beautiful rainbow around me.

Delicious waffles wafting into my nostrils as I wonder around the busy market.

People rushing to buy food, like sausages, cakes, biscuits and hamburgers.

Patient customers that snaked around the hall walls for miles.

Hot sun beating down on the tired body, searching for a shady spot to rest.


A Poem of a School Market Day

The Sun’s yellow, flames filled the school with it’s bright, warming heat.  I was in a frying pan, like a piece of meat sizzling.

Eager students rush and push with red, hot faces bartering for goods.

Confident sellers working their magic, enticing customers to purchase their awaiting handmade products.

Refreshing strawberry and banana smoothies quenched the thirsts of many and quickly cooled their temperatures.




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