The Last Days of 2009.

14 12 2009


Everyone tidying up, assembly practises for Prize giving on Wednesday 16th.

A huge shout out to our Year 6 leavers – We will miss you next year! All the best for your future and we hope to hear of your endeavours next year and the years to come.

Wishing you all a great summer holiday and New Year!

Let us know when you go on holidays – Tell us what you get up too – Email some pictures so I can put them up.


The last preparation practises, one-two-three and turn, smile and nod everyone.

See all you Year 6s all beautiful tonight at the Year 6 Graduation.

7pm – 9pm in the School Hall.

Remember your finger food. Sweet for girls and Savoury for boys.




6 responses

16 12 2009

Ohhh i will miss u Owairaka primary school hi Mrs karaka i will miss u heaps to all my friends out there Jaden P Jack Tommy Monty And every 1 else:D:L:P:):Z

18 12 2009

We will miss you all too. Keep in touch on our class blog and we’ll keep letting you all know what we are up too.

You might be able to help us next year 2010 – With our studies – have a great holiday, and keep safe!

16 12 2009

HEI/!!!! eveyone,.,.,.,i hope youguys are hav’n a nice start for your HOLIDAYS!!!!!!
HAV a gReAt!!!!!holiday.,.,i hope you REMEBER ME!!!!!hahahaha
ANYWAYS, I g2g nw,,,,
see yah guys some time next year!!!!!

18 12 2009

I hope you have a great summer break – Get ready for a new chapter in your life! Keep in touch with us on our blog!
Don’t be a stranger!

1 02 2010

hi there everyone….!!:)
my new school starts tomorrow…and I’m FREAK’N OUT !!!!i hope you guys hav a great year ..-oh- and to MrsK …can you say KIA ORA to our new Yr6s ….and the new Yr5s!!!!!Please…say hello to the Kauri team teachers on my behalf…PLEASE:D
Anyways , I’ll try to keep all the Te Reo I learnt last year in my head….{hehehe}
Oh well, Kowhai here I come!!!
See yahs…MARIA!!!!

1 02 2010

Kia ora Maria..
Best wishes for 2010 at Kowhai. Please do use your Te Reo Maori whereever you can, say a karakia, to begin the day or even before you eat, use greetings whenever possible. We know you will represent ‘Owai’ with style.
Let us know how it goes…


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