Techno-Whizzkids Holiday Challenges

14 01 2010

Design, plan and create from scratch your very own ‘scarecrow’.

Go the website above for more information on how to make a scarecrow.

This wonderful idea came about from a final discussion Room 17 had in the last days of 2009. Maybe something to look at for the Prep market in term one. Get those ideas pumping, write down your thoughts and start collating possible designs.

The reason for the scarecrow was to solve the problem of birds eating the seedlings.

Are there any budding technologists who maybe  interested in a competition. There is a BP Challenge one to All Primary, Intermediate and Year 9 & 10 students РTo design an enrichment toy for a Sumatran tiger, or for a species of parrot Рmacaw, kea or the cockatoo.


Design and/or construct a model or a prototype of an enrichment ‘toy’ suitable for the Sumatran tiger or the parrot species and document the process you went through. (What you did?)

Please include in your planning;

1.The final design drawing/s. Please show all the features, with labels and materials to be used.(One page per design)

2.A description of the process followed to achieve the final outcome.(One page only)

3. Pictures of the models or prototypes, if any were constructed. No more than 5 pages in the total entry.

More details in Febuary, when we return to school. Due date for this assignment is 2nd July 2010.

Happy designing!




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