Race Relations Day 26th March 2010 – Owairaka Primary School

9 09 2010

Talofa – Nihao – Namaste – Bon Jour – Ohaiyougazaimasu – Salam – Kia orana – Kia ora

Once again, Owairaka Primary School and community have gathered round to participate

in Race Relations Day.

As a culturally diverse school, we take this advantage to celebrate the many cultures within

our unique make up. We represent many parts of the world, from Asia, to the Middle East,

from Russia to the Islands of the Pacific and back to Aotearoa our home.



Cultural unity:


Glorious food fills the school grounds as we assemble in front of Puriri team. A row of tables stretched across the sheltered area as far as the eye could see.

Beautiful, culturally dressed children posed for photos like the paparazzi clicking at supermodels.

A feast set for kings, from all over the world; cocorice, raw fish and taro from the islands to naan bread and curry from India. Every continent was represented with delicacies for all to enjoy.

Owairaka school makes me feel included and accepted for who I am.

Ngahuru Reading group

Race Relations day

A day of celebration at Owairaka School is Race Relation’s Day. A time were we as students can express ourselves through our dress and food. We circulate to display our culture with pride. From all walks of life, we are one!

“It’s time to go”, ordered Mrs Karaka. We line up like soldiers going to war, but this war isn’t with people it is with the delicious food that will be set before us.

Food, food FOOD! What more can I say? It’s the greatest part. Digging into the succulent morsels, recipes that have reached our shores from abroad, from the four winds – Nga hau e wha.

My eager eyes search every inch of the many tables that overflow with food. We love our ‘Island table’ with raw fish, banana and palusami. Mmmmmm! Just reciting the names makes my tummy moan with hunger.

I select my carefully selected nibbles and gobble them down with  glee. Round two please!

Hotoke Reading Group

A huge shout out to the many hands that made this day possible, Mrs Kapisi who

orchestrated the whole event, to the staff who are always ready to support, to

our wonderful parents who are always there through thick and thin and of course,

our fantastic students looking beautiful in their decorative, cultural costumes.




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