Room 17 Authors – A Great Day in My Life – Writing Samples Oct

20 10 2010

I shivered with fear, as droplets of courage ran down my nervous face.

The thick pole was huge compared to me. But I was ready.

The higher I reached, the heavier I weighed.

The scorching sun beamed on my damp forehead, trying to weigh me down,

but it would take more than that. Mrs Karaka had my life in her hands I hope she knew that.


There I was dangling in the cloudless sky, just me and my lifeline.

The many bushes below seemed to look like my left over broccoli  scattered along the ground.

I tried to drag my aching body higher and higher. My legs say ”Go!” but my heart says, “NO!”.

I shook like a leaf forgetting to act cool.

My lips are crisp as can be and my legs as stiff as stone, but something warmed me deep inside

and told me ‘You can do it, Rosie!” I take a few more steps. Seconds seemed like hours.

I’m over being a weenie. I finally realised I had made it up from the ground.

To some it may have been a small thing but for me I was proud of my achievement.

It felt like I’d just conquered Mt Everest. I was king of the world. I had had enough of being

a super hero. I just wanted to get back down.

My dreadful fear of heights had tried to attack me again. I grabbed for the wooden pole and

hugged it. It was like the end of the world. Here goes nothing, I pondered to myself. I let out a

“YELP!” to Mrs Karaka and within seconds i was on what seemed at the time ‘glorious’ ground.

I couldn’t feel my inner super hero or my inner thighs, but I’m still breathing and that was all

that counted at the end of the day. Why was this the best day ever, well, I didn’t break anything or fall from the heavens above.

Rosie P Year 6

“AAaaaaaarrggghhhh!”, I screamedthis is the hardest thing in my present life to do.

The surrounding grass is as tall as leaves of flax, so sharp like knives poking from the ground.

I knew deep in my heart I could do it.

The grass was soggy and cold. It drained all the life from me. It was so deadly.

My eyes were concentrating so hard hit the mark, but it was as though I was ready to

shatter into a million pieces.

It felt like blood oozing from my fresh wound, squirting out of my veins. I was concentrating

so hard my blood was pulsating around my body. My nerves sucked my throat and mouth as

dry as sand. There was absolutely no saliva going through but I knew I had to do it.


“Tapu, Tapu can you get me a drink? “yeah”as Istamped my feet downstairs to collect my older sister Violet another drink. 

You know people can be so annoying. I’m like a slave to them. They say, “Get me this, get me that, even get me some toilet paper. I have just had enough of these people. They drive me crazy. I need to go back to school to get away from this slavery.

They act like kings and queens, sitting in their cool chairs ordering me around. I’m like their very own Cinderella.

I felt like I was never going to get out. they make me feel like I’m not cool,like I’m in the cool family. “I’mnot popouar! “It’s like they’ve eaten me alive.



“Ahhhhhhhh!, I shouted at my Mum.

I missed my house. I was happy there. But   no  Mum told me  ‘I  was  off ‘ to  the  North  Shore, to  see  my  Nanny. 

My Nanny who lives on the North Shore is called Nanny Eliza.

She has long black hair that she ties up with hair ties. She dyes it that colour when it goes white.

She has almold shaped eyes that have a brown iris.

She’s old like she’s been around for a long  time.                                                                                                                                                     

She is a Maori from Ngati Porou.

I don’t like going to her house because it’s too far to travel.

Issac  Aged 10  Room  17   2010




4 responses

20 10 2010

what a good writing it hooked me in

20 10 2010

Would you like to see more Room 17 writing??? Send them by email. Let’s show our talent to the world.


27 10 2010

WOW you guys are awesome ! To bad im year 6…

27 10 2010

these are cool as stories

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