Kathryn Stevens – Our Resident NZ Artist

1 11 2010

Current Exhibition
Denys Watkins, El-Dorado October 13, 2010 – November 6, 2010

TJ McNamara’s review of one of our amazing whanau parents:

There is vitality of a different, calmer sort in the elegant, rich, abstract work of  Kathryn Stevens at Whitespace. Her paintings have two levels.

The lower level is a regular grid with fields of colour between fine lines. Over this is imposed a grid of wider lines, again encompassing fields of colour. The two layers interact: the inner layer is static while the outer layer swings outwards, inwards or like a wave across the canvas in a wonderfully rhythmic and musical way.

Though these paintings move in space in many different ways, the individuality of each painting is founded in its colour harmony. Frame #3, which forces outward, has rich russet-reds and brown, whereas Canopy, which curves gently inwards, is a harmony of blue and pale green.

These delightful paintings are supplemented by a series of drawings that make precise dances of line in space.

Ngaa mihi ki a koe e te rangatira mo tenei kaupapa. The Whanau of Owairaka District Primary School think you are amazing and that you are an excellent example of a ‘You Can Do It’ parent.

Well done on your latest exhibition. We look forward to following you with your success stories!




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