Our Budding Authors – Week 4 Term 4

5 11 2010

I sat there in silence, waiting for someone to ask me to dance .

After what seemed hours, a boy stood, holding his hands out ready to pull me up. ‘Yes, I’m not last’, I grinned to myself.

I quickly ran over to the large doughnut of Kauri team members, a sudden boom from the sound system gave me a fright as the torture began.

Holding hips and hands moving to the grove wiggling and spinning to the beat. In and out and spin to the next person.

“Oh no” I thought.  I’ve danced with every boy in Kauri team ‘OMG!’. 

I knew what I was in for when I got home.

As I walked through the door, all  I heard was “Who did you

dance  with?, How did they hold you?, Who do you like?  It was so embarrassing.

It was getting dark and I was feeling bored, so I picked myself up and I practised my dance moves.

I wondered to myself, ‘I hope I shine on the night.’

Stevie-Rose Year 6, 2010.

Disappearing Act

Suddenly I’m on the tarpolin, drinking my bottle of fresh,  cool water.   ‘RING! RING! RING!  The annoying bell interupts my thoughts of cold water, cooling me down. I walk, I jog, I sprint through the enormous, native trees surrounding our school field like being in a jungle.

I finally reach Room 17, I searched quickly for my blue and black school bag, which I find hiding under Abel’s desk leg.

“RING! RING! RING! Oh no! The second has rung. I sprint to the Kauri team eating area. I look at all my friends lying about on the hall steps. I panicked, “Where’s my hat?” I remembered it was still on the class tarpolin on the field.

“JADEN! WHERE’S YOUR HAT?”, Mr Waller bellowed. I shrunk into my seat. I replied, ‘On the field sir’. I could see he wasn’t impressed.

I was thinking to myself, Not today!

Jaden P Year 6 2010.




5 responses

6 11 2010


6 11 2010

hahahahaha iht sounds better :)!!!!!

1 12 2010

SOLID story Jaden 🙂

1 12 2010
Mrs K

Teenaa korua mo wenei tuhituhi ataahua.
Tau Ke!

3 12 2010

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