Skills needed in all Schools – Mt Albert Pools show Kauri How.

2 12 2010

Kauri team inched their way towards the destination; The Philip Pools (Mt Albert Pools near M.A.G.S)

With sweat pouring down, lines of students resembled scattering ants, verged on the Mt Albert Grammar grounds.

First up was series of introductions from the keen instructors, one of which was a previous Owairaka student,       Deshon Sua’.

A series of fantastic jam packed experiences that our students will hopefully adhere to at the time of entering water, be that swimming pools, rivers, lakes or beaches.

A ‘mihi mahana’ to the team of awesome instructors from the Mt Albert pools for educating our children in safe water practices.

Thoughts of the day from Kauri team:

Sara says, ‘The leap of faith was the best’… Just do it!

Tapu says, ‘FREETIME was the best part of the day!’

Shayne says, ‘I love the hydroslide’.

Room 17 complained, ‘The walk was too long!’

Mrs Karaka rejoiced, ‘It was so good to witness the Kauri team students giving everything a go. WE CAN DO IT’.

Thank you Mr Pressnell for the great deep water experiences at Mt Albert pools. You’re the best!




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