Nau mai, haere mai ki te Tau 2011 – Welcome to the 2011 Year!

5 02 2011

Bon Voyage – Te Rina, we send good thoughts and aroha with you to Australia.

We said ‘Ka kite’, ki ngaa Year 6 o te tau 2010, wishing you all a fantastic year of development and growth and Nau mai, haere mai ki ngaa tamariki o tenei tau 2011.

Room 17 welcomes Ms Walley and can’t wait to see what is in store them this year.

Mrs Karaka’s thoughts to you all, ‘Success is in the hand of the beholder – Take it it’s yours!’

Looking forward to reading about your endeavours, stories and new adventures in 2011.


Final days in 2010, Room 17 representing…

Ambury Park

School Picnic – Ambury Park and last day at Owairaka 2010.

Mau e mahi, maku e mahi ma tatou katoa e whiwhi i te matauranga teitei –

I can do it, you can do it and together we can achieve our goals.Ā  C Karaka 2007




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5 02 2011

Kia ora ngaa rangatira o te ruma tekau ma whitu o te tau 2011 me ngaa kanohi hou, nau mai haere mai ki tenei ruma pai.

Remember ‘karakia i te ata, i te wa kai, me te wa whakamutunga – in the morning, eating time and the end of the day’. Kia pai to raa.

Mauriora – miss you guys!

2 03 2011

mann!!! i really miss the y6’s ! hope you guy’s are havinq fun at intermediate ! šŸ™‚

2 03 2011

Kia ora Room 17,

How’s the new year going?? Hope you have been learning & practising your Te Reo with your new teacher.

Looking 4ward to hearing your stories, thoughts & tales of the year to come.


8 03 2011

WOW! Mrs Karaka i think no one knows about the website!
and when is the next time your going to come and visit?
oh and one more thing, thank you Mrs Karaka for teaching me last year because all my weaknesses in my work last year have real gotten to my strengths in my work so thank you and have a good week!
Yours Sincerely,
Matt šŸ˜€

8 03 2011
Mrs K

Kia ora mo to whakaaro pai. Thanks.
It’s up to you & Tane then Matt, to let everyone know about the website. tell them how to get on it… etc.

Glad to hear your have made good progress in your studies – Kia kaha koe!

Hopefully be in next week. have you had the kauri Team ‘Big Splash yet?? let me know when you do.

10 03 2011

yess Mrs Karaka !
We had it today and ist was fun ..
and we got in second place with 69 points oh and i’ve asked Jesse if he could help us if that’s ok with you?

13 03 2011
Mrs K

Kia ora ano koutou,

Hey Matt, Jess is very welcome to join the team. I’ve just got to finalise when I can come in to support you in taking over the blog… Can’t wait!

Say hi to everyone for me.. See you soon!

19 03 2011

hi Mrs Karaka

20 03 2011

kia ora Tane,

How’s things going in Room 17?? How’s being a Year 6?? Just waiting to hear if it’s all go for the blog…

Hear from you all soon. Say hi to Room 17 for me.

27 03 2011

hi Mrs when are you coming?

27 03 2011

coming to skool

29 03 2011
Mrs K

kia ora guys,

Sorry been away – no internet either…
just waiting to see if you will be allowed to carry it on. But all going well I’ll be able to see you soon, Thursday??? I’ll be definitely in on Friday.

I hope you are doing really well in your studies and representing Room 17 well. Wish you all the best for this year.

4 04 2011

Ok Mrs Karaka nice hearing back from you…
cant wait till friday ! lol šŸ˜›

5 04 2011
Mrs K

Hey sorry Matt,

Still waiting to see if all is well with blog. As for Friday I had to shoot down the coast for the weekend. It’s this Friday I’m in – I mixed up the days.

Wow term 0ne nearly done & dusted.

hope all is well with Room 17


5 04 2011


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