Big books, small books… BOOKS!!

Sorry guys this is a replica of our first attempt at setting up our blog.

Here I go again. What can I say ‘HOLES’ by Louis Sachar is an amazing book that Room 17 have grown to love. We have followed Stanley Yelnats into chapter 19 of the book. We’ve met the very interesting characters staying at ‘CAMP GREEN’Lake. Click on this link and follow Stanley’s journey to where we are now.

Want some extra home work: Write a description about one of the boys who are also staying at Camp Green lake.

Squid               Armpit              Zero                X-ray     to name a few. There is always Mr Pedanski or Mr Sir.

If your really keen design a dust jacket cover – That we can put on line. Remember the title, author, short blurb about the novel. Use this link for ideas only.

Now lets get ‘Digging into the Book’.

How well do you know the ‘Holes’ story? Try the questions on the first link. (Camp Green). Good luck, don’t get lost in the holes!

Now for those vocabulary lovers: Here’s some words from the text you might want to be more familiar with.

Find the meanings of these words:

Chapters 1-7

perseverance gestured expelling desolate deftly scarcity expanse excavated perimeter juvenile grimaced stifling preposterous forlorn spigot

Chapters 8-17

predatory prey upholstery intensity stationery scowled fossilized radiated appropriate engraved paranoid excess presumably etched evict

Chapters 18-28

calloused writhed defiance venom extraordinarily concoctions refuge condemned recede penetrating systematic situated precipice increments dread

Chapters 29-39

humid drenched horizon delirious depriving jut hesitated feeble investigation cluster refuge fidgeting lurched mirage protruding
Chapters 40-50

contritely inexplicable distinctive adjacent pronounced authenticated commotion amid precarious jurisdiction pursuant legitimate evicted incarcerated delirium

Want to add some words of your own? Add meaning or even questions about the chapters so far.

Go to the website above for extra work.

We are looking for another spectacular read. We thoroughly enjoyed the pages of Holes and have completed other books. We want something with a bit of meat.

If you have any ideas – leave a comment and we will vote on a favourite.


3 responses

9 12 2009
joanna pakalapaty

i think i have read this book before interesting

10 12 2009

I love the movie of HOLEZ but not the book GREAT FUNNNNN !!!!!

1 01 2010

Make sure you keep up the reading..

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